Worklife hack for less meetings and/or more productive meetings

 We've recently been brainstorming in our management circle to improve our time management.


As we, like I believe everyone these days, have so many meetings in our hybrid work days. We then end up not paying as much attention in these meetings as we should or not getting to the work that we are supposed to be getting to.

We came up with this simple hack when scheduling a meeting yourself or when receiving an invite, request the organizer to include these 2 items in the description:

  1. Have an Agenda about what needs to be discussed
  2. Include a list of Required Outcomes / Decision Points by the end of the meeting

The effect should intentionally be that only the relevant people will be included, or that you can decline a meeting where you can see that you clearly are not needed in, or ideally keep the meeting on point and most important of all it would have made sure that this meeting was really necessary in the first place and couldn't have been replaced by just sending a message on the relevant company chat platform.

Hope this helps someone ;)